Types of Chemicals Used In Metal Handling

Metal processing before plating is extremely necessary, because it is the decisive factor for the quality of the chemical coating on the metal surface. With the surface processing before plating will help the product be smooth, anti-rust, anti-fouling very effectively.

First, the surface treatment methods for plated metal

+ Mechanical grinding method: will use grinding powders and colors to conduct rough grinding and grinding of plated metal products.
+ Rotation method: including dry and wet spinning techniques, this method is often applied to the treatment of small details that cannot be sharpened.
+ Chemical method: effective in removing oil, removing rust stains to prevent the coating from staining and peeling. This method will often apply techniques of degreasing in organic solvents, degreasing in emulsions and alkaline solutions, degreasing by electrochemical methods, ...

Second, Metal surface treatment agents

+ Remove alkaline oil in water or powder form
This type is used to treat base metals such as copper, zinc, iron, steel, aluminum, ... This chemical is strongly alkaline, medium or light, so depending on the type of metal you use. chemicals accordingly.
+ Remove water-based acid oils
This chemical is applied by dipping at room temperature for about 20-30 minutes. In particular, this solution is capable of effectively degreasing and degreasing the galvanized steel material without affecting the galvanized layer.

+ Remove aluminum oil This chemical is used to remove aluminum oil, and at the same time helps to regenerate the aluminum metal surface that needs plating.

+ Zinc phosphate By creating a layer of zinc phosphate on the metal surface, the advantage of this zinc phosphate layer is that it is stable in the air environment, resistant to rust, corrosion, increases adhesion and elasticity. plating surface. The commonly used zinc phosphate method mainly in powder coating is common.

+ Fixing substances This chemical has the effect of shaping and neutralizing the metal surface, and at the same time helping to accelerate the phosphate process. At the same time, the phosphate layer is evenly coated, smooth and able to stick firmly on the metal surface.

+ Catalyst, accelerator This substance has the effect of shortening the time in the phosphate process.

+ Chromium This chemical is very popularly used in the plating industry, passively dyeing chromium gold for zinc plating, cadmium plating to make the surface of the plated product shiny, eye-catching color and resistant to Very good corrosion.

+ Sulfuric acid This chemical is colorless, transparent and water-soluble. In fact, people use this chemical in the rust removal process for the plated metal surface. Choose the right chemical to process the metal plating to ensure the best quality and efficiency.

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