Top 11 Manufacturing Industry Chemical Products

Industrial chemical products today are very diverse in number and types. According to EU data for 2016, there are currently over 71,000 industrial chemicals being produced and used.

In recent years, the chemical industry has seen many strong developments. This is due to the general development of complex and high-tech manufacturing industries. All of these requirements spurred the growth of the chemical industry. However, no matter how much they develop, there are currently only 11 industries producing industrial chemical products worldwide.

The chemical industry’s position in production

In theory, the chemical industry requires direct use of chemical processes, chemical reactions and purification methods to produce a wide variety of chemical products with solid and liquid forms of existence. different gas. Most formulated chemical products are used in the processing processes that make up other products. Small or very small parts will directly reach consumers such as agricultural protection chemicals, chemical detergents, construction materials, fuel …

Chemical industry development scale

Currently, the chemical industry is one of the industries that has the greatest impact on the development of all manufacturing industries. Industrial chemical products directly involved in the production of most other industry products, from simple to complex.

The global scale of the chemical industry in industrialized countries, the chemical industry brings billions of dollars of production value a country or region can export, but the value brings together mainly in a small number of industrialized countries.

Synthesize 11 industries producing industrial chemical products

There are more than 71,000 different chemicals produced worldwide in 2016. With the current development of science and technology and advanced technologies, the amount of chemicals is probably much more. There are many chemical products that are manufactured with specific uses.

Industrial chemical products include inorganic, organic, ceramics, petrochemical products, agrochemicals, polymers, rubber (elastomers), oils, fats and waxes, explosives, perfumes, flavors. Examples of these chemical products are shown in the table 11 types of chemical production below:

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